How to fix slow shutdown / restart of Ubuntu 18.04

Sometimes, Ubuntu 18.04 system hangs or takes a very long time to shutdown. supervisor process manager takes a long time to reboot ubuntu 18.04 We can fix this by editing the system.conf file. Go here and edit. before edit take this file for backup. $ sudo nano /etc/systemd/system.conf uncomment the ChangeTimeoutStopSec=90s and Change the DefaultTimeoutStopSec […]

How to install Whatsapp on Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop

How to install WhatsApp on Ubuntu Desktop Now you can install WhatsApp on your Ubuntu machine. This is really happy news for ubuntu lovers. Here is the simple steps to install WhatsApp on your ubuntu-desktop. Download the WhatsApp web application file. Click here After the download completes go the downloaded folder and run this command […]

Temperature monitoring of overheating PC

Many on the PC is getting overheating issue and its shutdown without warning. I windows you can use coretemp software for monitoring the heating. In ubuntu PC there need to measure the heat in digital numbers To easiest way to Monitor the temperature   sudo apt-get install lm-sensors sudo sensors-detect watch -n 2 sensors  

Secure the data in external hard disk

All the external hard disk will come with the NTFS format which is easily accessed to the windows and Linux as well.The NTFS format hard disk is easily affected by the virus until you are not protected with anti-virus. The EXT4 format which accessible only on Linux machine will never be affected by any virus […]

Configure Python Environment

Configure Python environment in Ubuntu machine. create a file called and copy paste below command. sudo apt-get install python-pip sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv # create a virtualenv mkdir ~/env cd ~/env virtualenv myenv #activate environment source ~/env/myenv/bin/activate #install jupyter notebook pip install jupyter save it in your home folder and open a terminal sudo […]

Differences on 1G 2G 2.5G 3G 3.5G 3.75G 3.9G 4G networks in India

Differences on 1G 2G 2.5G 3G 3.5G 3.75G 3.9G 4G GSM means “Global System for Mobile Communications” 1G – First Generation In 1982 was introduced where network signals were analogue and used Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) 2G used Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) Second Generation was launched in 1992 in which signals and speech channels were digitally encrypted. 2.5G Deployed in 2003 which implemented “High Speed […]

How to change the root user password in ubuntu

In an early stage of the ubuntu users forget the root password no problem, it happen sometimes. In that case they can’t able to install any new tools in his ubuntu machine. It asks root permission to install the new tools. They aren’t able to create a new user login also. So, here is the […]